Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Glassesshop Affiliate Program

Are you tired buy glasses in local store glasses? You can try glassesshop.com. In there you can choose the types of eyeglasses that you need like Men's Glasses, Women's glasses, Kid's glasses and the other more.

They have a wide range of different categories, based on the type of glass, frame style, frame material, width, or arrival of new product recommendations or best-selling and marketing.But, did you know that they have glassesshop affiliate program? Yes right, they have it too. Believe it or not you can get high commission rate, because  they just increased commission rate increased up to 40%.

They also offers a flat rate of 20% commission for any affiliate referred sales of its products. Just go to affiliate.glassesshop.com and earn more money.  If you need more information you can send email to : affilite@glassesshop.com.  


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