Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kerja Migas Jakarta di Supraco Oil Gas Industry

PT. Supraco Indonesia was founded in 1979 with the name of PT. Summa Prakarsa Corporation aiming, initially, to provide local service to many foreign oil and gas companies in Indonesia at that time. One of the business activity being managed was expatriate management service.

As the market and need widened, PT. Supraco Indonesia had expanded its business activities to other areas in oil and gas service sectors. Services being provided today can be summarized into these following line of business : Integrated Logistic Base Management, Offshore Crane Supply and Maintenance, Offshore Drilling, Car and Heavy Equipment Rental Service, Maintenance of Production Service Facilities, Manpower and Expatriate Management Services, and many others mainly in operation support areas

Today, PT. Supraco Indonesia has an established reputation as one of the prominent player in Indonesian oil and gas industry serving companies like Caltex Pacific Indonesia, BP Indonesia, Total, Unocal, CNOOC, ConocoPhillips, Amerada Hess and many others.

With our experienced management resources, extensive network both local & international, as well as active representation in major oil and gas cities in Indonesia, we are confident in offering best quality and value added service to our Clients.

We are seeking for best candidates to fill the vacant positions of :

1 . Tool Pusher
2 . Bush Master
3 . Driller
4 . Ass Driller
5 . Jack Tech
6 . Pumpman
7 . Derrickman
8 . Floorman / Roungneck
9 . Crane Operator
10 . Roustabout
11 . Mechanic
12 . Motorman
13 . Electrical
14 . Welder
15 . Operator Radio
16 . Head Painter / Painter
17 . Warehouse
18 . Medic


1. Have minimum 2 years experienced in Offshore
2. Able to communicate in English
3. Good team player and endow with excellent interpersonal skill
4. Have certification :
• B O S I E T ( Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training )
• H U E T ( Helicopter Underwater Escape Training )
• Sea Survival
• Certificate M I G A S

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