Sunday, March 14, 2010

Job Management Software

Have a problem with management? Like management your time, job or project? Don't worry, many people feel like you. Because is not easy to do that. But now you can use  management software from

This site was formed in 2007 by business partners Gavin George and Chris Spence.  workflowmax has primary aim of building a Job Management solution to be delivered across the internet. They committed to bringing you high quality, robust, fully integrated web 2.0 solutions. Their  job management software management software, is a web based workflow, job and time tracking solution.  

Not only that, they also provide project management software to project management solution that streamlines business tasks. From quoting, invoicing and project management, to time sheets, document sharing and profit analysis, WorkflowMax reduces your administration hassle, saving your operation time and money. 

Of course you will much benefit from WorkflowMax like very simple to learn and use, powerful, functionally rich application, because use web-based, then available 24x7, you can improve cashflow
and the other more.

With this software gives you can see what you need to know  such as how you are tracking against an estimate or deadline, who has been working on the job, how much profit you can expect to make, what the current status is and how this job is affecting your business, and almost anything you want to know about a job is visible in one central place.

Beside that, you also can create a quote with a few simple clicks, just select from a customizable industry template saving you time, import price lists for automatic pricing/quoting, different markup percentages can be applied to each unique item on the quote, potential profit on each quote is displayed, allowing you to adjust the values, the quote manager lets you know what outstanding quotes you need to chase, print or email a PDF of the quote, complete with your logo, and customizable Templates incorporating your branding

If you are employees, you can complete their own time sheets online using a start stop timer, or by entering daily or weekly timesheets. So with this time management software, you can concentrate on what you do best to building your business. Don't forget to come at for more information.


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