Monday, May 31, 2010

Car Donations

Do you want to want to donate car? Just share with you in If you want to know why a Vietnam Vet so important, i will tell to you. 

They sacrificed their lives for country. However, many protested the war arguing the war was wasteful and was killing innocent people including children. Regardless, members of our society fought for us. Sadly, many Veterans returned to their homes in different mental and physical states of mind. Some returned physically disabled and some had memories that they have not overcome even today.   

Did you know that Many Veterans still have nightmares of their experiences today. In addition, approximately 30% of the homeless are Veterans. That why your donation very important.Your vehicle can be picked up in 24-48 hours. 

The Vietnam Veterans Car Donation programs seeks to provide help throughcar donations to the veterans of Vietnam War. Some of you here really feel empathy to the American Soldiers that fought with all there might during this war.  

The other benefit is proceeds go to Vietnam Veterans, donor receives IRS tax deduction, your car is then sold to someone in need. Some people have no method of transportation to work. Helps the environment. Instead of giving your car to a junkyard, donate you car to someone in need. Charities accept running and non-running vehicles. Avoid the hassle of selling your car. In some cases, your tax deduction can be worth more than your car's selling price.

They accept all types of vehicles. Including vans, trucks, conversion vans, boats, motorcycles and buses. So if you want to be vehicle donations, you can go to or call today at 630-Help-A-Vet (435-7283).


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