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Rogaine for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment, Easy-to-Use Foam, 2.11-Ounce Cans (Pack of 3)

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Product Description

Men's Rogaine Extra Strength 5% Minoxidil Topical Foam Hair Regrowth Treatment


Product Details

  • Extra strength
  • 3 month supply
  • Easy to use foam
  • #1 dermotologist recommended
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Customer Reviews

Review Date: November 25, 2008
Reviewer: Jogar, Wheeling,IL
I just used up three bottles of rogaine. I use it twice a day for almost three months and more thicker hair show up at the back top of my balding head which covers about three to four inches in diameter. The growth seems to be still uneven. I still have fine hair of some of the spots which hopefully it evens up with the rest of the hair for the next three month of use.
Five Stars (not really)
Review Date: April 11, 2010
Reviewer: Donovan, Raleigh, NC
I reviewed this product a week prior to this post. The review lasted on Amazon just a few days before Amazon removed it. I gave it two stars. There was nothing offensive in my review so it is befuddling why Amazon removed. So I give five stars in this repost... if this post lasts then a skew may exist for keeping high-star reviews vs low-star reviews. Anyway, I have some important items to share here. Just two stars in the prior review because of a couple of major gripes: (1) too strong of fragrance and (2) just mild regrowth results. If not for the scent, I award the Rogaine foam 3.5 stars.

Years ago I used the original non-foam Rogaine product. That was before Rogaine Foam entered the market. That was 17 years ago. And I had good results with the non-foam version until I developed an allergy to the polypropylene-glycol (PPG). So I had to stop use about 12 years ago. Back then there was no foam version.

Turns out there are many like me who develop skin allergy to PPG. Fast forward 10 years... the foam version hits market which uses glycerin in place of polypropylene-glycol. The glycerin is much better tolerated. So restarting use the Rogaine two years ago, this time foam version, I had no allergic reaction. Yet the new product now has an added very strong fragrance. Still there was some regrowth using the product. So do try the product and see for yourself. It may work for you. Yet keep your expectations in order. And beware that when you first apply there will be an overwhelming flowery scent that lasts for about 45 minutes until it dries, which can be embarrassing if not accounted for. In case makers of Rogaine are reading, please make a fragrance-free foam version (and soon). My wife has a sensitive nose and complains mightily so I usually have to leave the room.
Plain and Simple... It Works!
Review Date: July 13, 2009
Reviewer: A. Willis, Arizona
I have been using Rogaine for about three months now. I started using it on my temples and have had great results. I have recently started using it on the top of my scalp and my receding hairline. Though not clinically tested for either of these areas this is where my hair loss is. What else can I say plain and simple other than... it works.
Hair loss seems to have stopped
Review Date: June 13, 2009
Reviewer: R. Hicks, GA
With a product like this, it's difficult to say how well it works. It's not as though you can compare it a what-if-I-didn't scenario. What I can say is this: I've been using it for 6-7 months, and the hair loss appears to have stopped. I haven't seen any regrowth, but stopping it is well worth the price.
Very effective, but must be faithful and patient
Review Date: January 21, 2010
Reviewer: Jeffrey A. Russell, Atlanta, GA
This product works great, and if you combine it daily with a few other supplements that block DHT formation (Saw Palmetto, Nu-Hair, flaxseed oil, Niozin shampoo) it can really make a difference. Don't give up if you don't see results right away or if you notice more stray hairs coming out- this actually means that it's working. Stay faithful putting it on (morning and evening) and you will probably begin to see noticeable results around the 3-4 month mark. I highly recommend this over pills such as Propecia which have considerably negative side effects for some. It dries very quickly and nicely and the scent is not very bothersome at all. You may want to use slightly more than the recommended dosage- the instructions state that it only works on the vertex (mid-back of the scalp) but this is not true. It has REALLY grown hair for me around the temples, but it took longer to come in. The first place I noticed was that the back of my hair, which had thinned a bit, was now covered (after about 1-2 months). I'm at the 5 month mark now and am still seeing great results. Give it time, be patient, and wait for it to work. I think people might give up too easily because they think it's not working, but it does take time. It also works great if you use any kind of concealers on the scalp (like toppik or courve, spencer forrest brands)- it works with those as well, just allow it to dry before putting anything else on your hair. Drying time is about 5-10 minutes max. Anyway, highly recommended for hair loss- be faithful in using it, be patient, and the results will come. Good luck to everyone on looking your best!


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