Monday, October 4, 2010

Mobile Marketing

Right now cell phone or people call it mobile phone is use by almost all people around the world. Therefore, mobile phone now has more functions like for camera, internet, GPS and much more that I cannot mention all here.

Most important is for business. In the past business man market their product at newspaper, television and more. The short message or more popular as SMS is one of mobile phone features that marketers take the advantages of. Their marketing campaigns reach the prospective customers through SMS or text messaging. With this technology people change their way to promote product using   Mobile Marketing.

Talk about mobile marketing, just share with you come at They have used text messaging to develop some of their platforms, such as House4Cell, CouponZap, text-for-info, and other text message marketing platforms. Cellit Mobile Marketing is one of a few marketing services that really optimizes the mobile marketing system. Their services and platforms are committed to meeting the needs of mobile marketing system without hassle in the implementation.

Many small businesses and large companies have used Cellit Mobile Marketing services. A dozen television stations, for instance, have used Cellit Climate to give the accurate information about the current climate in national scale. Many restaurants, bars, and the like, have used Mobile Coupons marketing developed by Cellit, i.e. CouponZap. And other platforms of mobile marketing solutions offered by Cellit also have been used by many companies.

They helps small businesses and large companies leverage the power of mobile marketing (text messaging, wap, app and more) via their simple to use campaign management platform, Cellit Studio. You can try their mobile coupon solutions listed in the requirements and post instructions, as well as CouponZap (our system for mobile campaigns for restaurants, bars and nightclubs) and house4cell (our text-for-info real estate system).
If you interested in knowing Cellit Mobile Marketing services, you can visit them at Find out their mobile marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes, and then compare with the same services whether Cellit will really help your business. Don't forget come at and get your Text Message Mobile Coupons.


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