Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lowongan Kerja Bank BNI Syariah 2011

Lowongan Kerja Bank BNI Syariah 2011 : Starting from 5 branch office in Yogyakarta, Malang, Pekalongan, Jepara and Banjarmasin which commenced operations on 29 April 2000, BNI Syariah now has more than 20 branches throughout Indonesia.

To expand the service to the community, each main branch is open branch offices sharia (KCPS), so that the whole sharia branch offices until the year 2007 amounted to 54. Furthermore, based on Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 8 / 3 / PBI/2006 about granting permission for a conventional bank branches that have sharia business unit to serve the Islamic fund products account opening, BNI Syariah respond to this provision by way of synergy with conventional branch in order to perform "office channeling ". Until now sharia service outlets on conventional branch offices totaled 636 outlets.

Bank System with Dual pattern, then BNI Syariah is now supported by modern information technology systems and networks are very large transactions in Indonesia by using network of branch offices of BNI.

In the execution of banking operations, BNI Syariah still consider compliance with aspects of sharia. This is evidenced by an award from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) in 2004 as the Best Islamic Banking.

With the support of technology, BNI Syariah synergize with conventional BNI's branches to provide account opening service sharia. BNI's branches are called Sharia channeling Outlet (SCO).

Currently, all branches in the Greater Jakarta have been equipped with sharia account opening services. So people who wish to invest mudharabah through deposits sharia, Islamic savings or deposit funds through Islamic current accounts and savings deposits (wadiah), or even want to prepare Haj funds through savings iB (read aibi, = Islamic Banking), Haji, and also savings plan iB Tapenas, then the customer can visit the nearest branch of BNI.

Nationally, existing branches to serve the Islamic account opening numbered more than 600, and from time to time this number continues to increase in accordance with the mission to maximize the performance of services and thus become the pride of child domestic Islamic banks.

BNI Syariah run bank operations based on sharia principles, such as buying, selling and profit-sharing and have a variety of banking products and services that can meet the various needs of customers.

BNI Syariah realize that the people who want sharia services are not limited to the Muslim community but also needed by all segments of society who require services and banking facilities are convenient, fair, and modern.

For that BNI Syariah continuously improving product quality, both funding and financing products and continue to make improvements in its features.

BNI Syariah requires employees who are interested in developing Islamic banking. The positions that are needed as follows:

Network Analyst

* Bachelor of Economics (Management), Bachelor of Engineering
* Maximum age 26 years (born on 01 February 1985)
* Minimum GPA GPA PTN = 2.75, PTS = 3

HR Analyst

* Bachelor of Engineering, Economics (Accounting / Tax), or Psychology
* Maximum age 26 years (born on 01 February 1985)
* Minimum GPAMinimum GPA PTN = 2.75, PTS = 3


* Bachelor of Economics (Accounting)
* Maximum age 26 years (born on 01 February 1985)
* Minimum GPA Minimum GPA PTN = 2.75, PTS = 3
* Willing to work out of town

Analyst Asset Development

* Bachelor of Architecture
* Maximum age 26 years (born on 01 February 1985)
* Minimum GPA PTN = 2.75, PTS = 3

Completion of these workers who have experience preferably in the same field at the target position. Selected candidates will be processed further.

Applications can be sent to the e-mail:


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