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Graduated Development Program PT Holcim Indonesia

Graduated Development Program
PT Holcim Indonesia 2011
Prepare The Future Leader of PT Holcim Indonesia

Holcim is a pioneer and an innovator in Indonesia's fast-developing cement sector, as the market for homes, commercial buildings and infrastructure expands. We are the only provider of a fully integrated range of nine cement types, concrete and aggregates.

We are building a unique franchise in delivering complete, affordable housing solutions and upgrades, drawing on the skills of over 3,000 Holcim trained masons, over 43 franchisees and over 9,000 retail outlets across the island of Java. Holcim Beton was first to market with MiniMix phone service for same-day ready-mixed concrete delivery, and first with mobile concrete batching plants. Our construction industry seminars on best practices in large scale concrete pouring for multi storey building foundations are literally ground breaking. We are pioneers in creating a professional centre of excellence in vocational and managerial skills, the Holcim Academy, drawing students from across SE Asia.

Holcim Indonesia is a leading fully integrated producer of cement, ready mixed concrete and aggregates with a unique and expanding retail franchise offering the most complete end-to-end solution to home building, from building materials supply to design and speedy, safe construction.

Now we are opening position to find the right future leader at our company.
Graduated Development Program PT Holcim Indonesia 2011

Graduated Development Program (GDP) is a special education program that aims to anticipate the need for future leaders who will be prepared to face many challenges in the future, and to support sustainable business.

* Minimum S-1 with IPK = 3:00
* Fresh Graduate from S-1 Mining Engineering / Chemical Engineering / Electrical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering / Civil Engineering / Geology
* Maximum 1 year work experience - optional
* Maximum age 25 years
* Willing to be located in various cities in Indonesia

Basic competencies:
Building positive working relationship, Communication, Continuous learning, initiating action, managing work, Decision making, customer focus, Impact, Formal presentation

Year 1 - Building Competencies
Year-1 focused on the development of basic knowledge about business process in HIL, delivered through the method of classroom and on-the-job training (OJT). And also development leadership competency and other necessary soft competencies.

Year 2 - Transitioning Into Career
Year-2 for the Graduate GDP is the adjustment period with the work environment and opportunity to fully practice the things that have been studied and developed for Year-1 into the operational activities of the HIL.
GDP Year-2 performance will be monitored and under the direct coordination of the relevant supervisor.

Year 3 - Attaining the Performance Excellence
In Year-3 of the Graduate GDP is expected to contribute fully with excellent performance. Also expected for the end of Year-3 of the Graduate GDP is ready to accept more responsibility for leading the work team.

More detail how to apply and get informations in Bahasa Indonesia, please download the document below

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