Saturday, April 23, 2011

Internal Auditor Vacancy PT Djarum Indonesia

Since its initial foray into the international market in the 1970s, exports of Djarum tobacco products have grown by leaps and bounds, helped by a growing awareness and appreciation of kretek's unique taste.

Today Djarum brands are available across five continents. Key export markets include Australia, Belgium, Canada, Eastern Europe, Japan and the Far East, the Middle East, the Netherlands, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Southeast Asia, and the United States. Closer to home, the L.A Lights Menthol kretek brand has been a roaring success in Malaysia, where it is associated with a trendy lifestyle. Not resting on these accomplishments, Djarum continues to come up with innovative products designed to capture new markets.

Djarum′s first kretek cigarette was a hand-rolled product made using minimal equipment through a simple manufacturing process. Over the years, the variety of kretek cigarettes that Djarum makes has expanded enormously. Simply speaking however, the cigarettes as categorized by their method of manufacture fall into either the hand-rolled category or the machine-rolled category. Both are popular and are produced in large quantities. Meanwhile, Djarum′s innovations in flavoring have produced a wide variety of brands.

The manufacturing process begins with the careful selection of raw materials. The main production materials consist of a master tobacco and cloves that have been processed through Djarum′s proprietary cutting process into Superfine Cloves. The cloves and tobacco are then blended together under strict and exacting controls and additional ingredients are added before the mixture is rolled into a wrapper and packaged for distribution.

With over half a century of history behind it, Djarum has come a long way from its quiet beginnings on the streets of Kudus. Today Djarum has become a familiar icon in Indonesia thanks to our popular clove-and-tobacco cigarette products, which are familiar all over the archipelago. We are one of the largest cigarette manufacturers in Indonesia and have also established a strong international presence, providing satisfaction to customers daily.

Despite our success, Djarum remains firmly rooted in its hometown of Kudus. These roots help us to remember where we came from, and to keep in mind our obligations to society. As we have grown, so have our abilities to contribute: where once we helped the community of Kudus, today our corporate social initiatives programs have a national focus and a global outlook.

Now we are opening vacancy for detail qualification and how to apply please download the document below

  Internal Auditor 


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