Friday, April 15, 2011

Lowongan BUMN PT Taspen (Persero) 2011

Lowongan BUMN PT Taspen (Persero) 2011 : PT TASPEN (Persero) was established on 17 April 1963 based on Government Regulation No 15/1963. The legal status of PN TASPEN then adjusted to be PERUM TASPEN based on Decree of Indonesia Finance Minister No 749/MK/IV/11/1970 dated 18 November 1970. Then with the Government Regulation No 26/1981 dated 30 July 1981 PERUM TASPEN was altered its form to be PT TASPEN (Persero) until this time.

The establishing of Civil Servant Old Saving Scheme is stated on Government Regulation No 9 of 1963 regarding Civil Servant Budget and Government Regulation No 10 of 1963 regarding insurance saving and Civil Servant. On that time PN TASPEN got its own office on Jl. Merdeka no. 64 Bandung. The process of Civil Servant pension program establishing is based on the Act No 11 of 1956 regarding budget of Pension and the Act No 11 of 1969 regarding employee pension and widow/widower pension and also Law No 8 of 1974 regarding Employees Points.

Under the Government Regulation no. 25 of 1981 regarding Civil Servant social insurance, it was
proceed to merge civil servant welfare program which consist of Old Age Saving Scheme and Pension Program managed by PT TASPEN.

In Jakarta, PN TASPEN used three separate offices, on Jl.Laksa No.12 Jakarta Kota , Jl. Nusantara (now Jl. Juanda) No. 11/Atas, and Jl. Pintu Besar Selatan No. 90 – join in Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jakarta Raya. PN TASPEN used the three offices up to 1970, until TASPEN Head Office in Jl. Letjen Suprapto, Cempaka Putih finished to build.

Now PT Taspen Persero is opening position for Indonesian people from SMU, D3 and S1 graduated. Please download CV and stateent form below before filling out the registration form.

Curiculum Vitae The CV for PT Taspen (Persero)
Statement Form Personal Statement of PT Taspen (Persero)

After downloading the document above please register your self to PT TASPEN (Persero) at the link provided below

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