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Lowongan Kerja Bank DKI 2011

Lowongan Kerja Bank DKI 2011 : The Company was first established in Jakarta with the name "PT Djakarta Raya Regional Development Banks" as contained in Deed of Limited Liability Companies Regional Development Banks Djakarta Raya (PT Djakarta Raya Regional Development Banks) Regulation.

In order to conform with the provisions of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 13 Year 1962 on Basic Provisions of the Regional Development Banks, the Company changed the legal position and was transferred from the Regional Development Bank Limited Company Jakarta Raya became the Regional Development Bank DKI Jakarta based on Regional Regulation, Jakarta - DKI No. 6 / 1978 dated 21 August 1978 on the Jakarta Regional Development Banks (BPD Jaya), which was approved by the Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia in his Decree No. Pem.10/87/1-858-sk. December 5, 1978 and promulgated in the Gazette of DKI Jakarta No. 12 of 1979 Series D No. 11 dated May 2, 1979 as well as the Regional Regulation No. 1 of 1993 dated January 15, 1993 by changing the authorized capital of Rp 50,000,000,000 to 300,000,000,000 at the date of May 5, 1999 and from the date of May 6th, 1999 transformed into a Limited Company with authorized capital amounting Rp700.000.000.000 .

The amendment was approved by the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta through the Jakarta Provincial Regulation No. 1 / 1999 dated February 1, 1999 with the deed made by and before notary Harun Kamil, SH, No. 4 dated May 6, 1999 and was approved by the Minister of Justice by the Decree No. C-8270.HT.01.01.Th. 99 dated May 7, 1999. June 4, 1999, published in the State. 45, Supplement. 3283.

The scope of its activities is to conduct general banking activities. On November 30, 1992, the Bank obtained a license to conduct activities as a Foreign Exchange Bank by decree of the Board of Directors of Bank Indonesia. 25/67/KEP/DIR. In March 2004, the Bank commenced its operations based on sharia principles based on Bank Indonesia No.6/39/DpbS Letter, dated January 13, 2004 on the principles of sharia branch offices of Bank in its commercial activities.

Articles of Association have been amended several times, and most recently by Deed. 101 which is made by and before the Notary Ny Poerbaningsih Adi, SH, Notary in Jakarta on September 28, 2007 on Capital Increase Base became Rp1.500.000.000.000 and paid-in capital increase that was approved by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia under No. . C-04111.HT.01.04 of 2007 dated November 22, 2007.

Based on the results of the General Meeting of Shareholders April 26, 2010, Structure of the shareholders of Bank DKI today is 99.83% (Rp610.159.000.000) is owned by the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta, while 0.17% (Rp1.000.000.000) is owned by PD Pasar Jaya.

The consistency of growth performance to gain the trust of society through innovative banking products and services, improving service quality, implementation of corporate governance combined with improving the quality of human resources became the focus of Bank DKI who stood since 11 April 1961.

Vision to be the best and pride and mission as the bank's superior performance, strategic partner businesses, society and the mainstay of the city administration that adds value for stakeholders through an integrated and professional service begins with building a work culture that was unearthed from the values ​​of a positive internal in order to produce human resources that have a human capital based KTPPDKI behavior (commitment, teamwork, professional, service, discipline, hard work and integrity).

DKI Bank focuses its business on four main segments that provide opportunities for long-term sustainable growth, namely consumer banking, commercial banking and mortgage banking segment and SMEs, as well as Islamic banking.

Consumer banking segment provides Bank DKI niche market in the form of teachers more than 200,000 customers, the city administration officials who numbered more than 100,000 people in addition to continuous product development JakCard, among others as a means to pay Busway, pay cards on the network Indomaret, and later it can be used for payment of transport tickets in Electric Railway which connects Jakarta with its satellite cities. Looking ahead, JakCard will be used as a means of payment of all transportation modes as DKI-Jaya.

Segment focuses on the financing of commercial development segments of public works and infrastructure development, especially in DKI Jaya, is the core business of Bank DKI as the Regional Development Banks.

Mortgage & Housing segment focuses on the Housing Credit financing house both primary and secondary mortgage and credit courses in cooperation with various institutions. It also serves Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and the Bank's commitment in supporting the development program DKI DKI Jaya, which also includes the economic empowerment of society through the development of MSME sector.

Islamic banking segment serves the needs of the community will benefit banking services based on Islamic sharia, while also filling one of the banking segment that is growing rapidly in recent years.

In order to ensure sustained growth, Bank DKI continues to strengthen its corporate governance, including the internal control structure and risk management, and implementation of operating standards more uniform and transparent.

Teller (TL Code) Preferred experience as a teller

Special Qualifications
* Education High School average score of at least 6.5
* D1-D3 minimum GPA of 2.5
* Maximum age 23 years
* Preferred experience as a teller
* Single

General qualifications
* Able interesting.
* Height: 160 cm minimum woman, man at least 165 cm with proportional weight
* good personality
* Customer Oriented
* Preferably have the ability to speak English (oral / writing)
* Willing to be placed throughout the work unit of Bank DKI.

Candidates who meet the above qualifications may send your complete application (application letter, CV of (Curiculum Vitae), KTP, Pas Photo 4x6 1 sheet, Health Certificate by including height and weight) no later than June 30, 2011 addressed to:

Human Resource Group. Bank DKI
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda III No. 7-9
Jakarta Pusat

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