Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lowongan Kerja BUMN PT Pupuk Kaltim 2011

Lowongan Kerja BUMN PT Pupuk Kaltim 2011 : Pupuk Kaltim’s history began as an offshore project on board two Pertamina ships, then, according to Presidential Decree No. 43/1975, the project was moved to land. Later, referring to Presidential Decree No. 39/1976, Pertamina handed operational authority to the Department of Industry.

On 7 December 1977, Pupuk Kaltim was officially established. The construction process was executed in 1979. To support operational activities, the plants were substituted by a number of facilities. The main material used at this Bontang-based factory is natural gas, transferred through 60 kilometres of pipeline between Bontang and Muara Badak.

Besides producing 2.98 million tons of Urea and 1.85 million tons of Ammonia annually, Pupuk Kaltim also produces other products such as NPK Pelangi, NPK Fuse Blending and Zeorganik fertilizers. Pupuk Kaltim strives to develop its existing market segments which include industrial and agricultural sectors, and also export and domestic fertilizer supply for the crop sector.

As a strategic industrial company that supports National Food Support Program, Pupuk Kaltim makes the best use of every opportunity to maintain company sustainability. Supported by four Ammonia plants and five Urea plants that occupy a total of 493 hectares Pupuk Kaltim plans to generate a successful and environmentally friendly industrial city.

Pupuk Kaltim produces Urea, Ammonia, Compound fertilizer and Organic fertilizer. Production processes are supported by a comprehensive range of production facilities using international standards of technology. To ensure consistency of product quality, all fertilizer products are officially certified with the Indonesian Government at the Department of Agriculture.

In order to obtain government certification, each product is required to pass a series of quality control laboratory tests and effectiveness monitoring through application in the field. The tests are performed by an independent testing institution appointed by the government. These controls help to ensure that customers continue to receive maximum benefits from Pupuk Kaltim products.

In 2011 we are opening position for Senior High school Position, and for detail vacancies please download the document below:
Recruitment Document Download the document of PT Pupuk Kaltim
Application Form Download Application Form Pupuk Kaltim 2011

Interested candidates should be apply before April 15, 2011 to
Kepala Dep. Kesejahteraan & Hubind
PT. Pupuk Kalimantan Timur
Jl. James Simandjuntak No. 1
Bontang 753L3

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