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Penerimaan BUMN PT PJB Service 2011


PT. PJB Services (called PJB Services) is an operation & maintenance services company power plant which is a subsidiary of PT. Pembangkitan Jawa Bali (PT PJB) or grandchild company PT. PLN (Persero), which was established since March 31, 2001. Prior to becoming a company, PJB Services is one of the services business unit in its efforts still depend to PT PJB. The purpose of the establishment of the PT. PJB Services is focused on handling business outside the generating units of PT PJB and is expected to capture market opportunities that are opening.

In line with Government policies that provide opportunities to the private sector to move in the business of electricity supply, increase the chances of PJB Services on the market within and outside PLN. Globally, PJB Services already has a client on the largest islands in Indonesia such as Kalimantan, Java, Sumatra and some overseas clients including in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. To expand its business, PJB Services not only in cooperation with domestic companies but also a kind of electric companies in the country of Korea, Malaysia, United Kingdom, China, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Basically PJB Services core business focus in the field of maintenance both in short term and long term. Having gained the confidence of the PT. PJB to manage 4 power plant Energy Diversification Acceleration Program (PPDE) 10,000 MW, the core business of PJB Services underwent transformation with a focus on areas of power generation operation. Operation four PPDE 10,000 MW power plant which will be handled by PJB Services is a Paiton Baru (1x660MW), Indramayu power plant (3x330 MW), Rembang plant (2x315 MW) and Pacitan plant (2x316 MW). As for the operation & maintenance projects outside of the PLN, PJB Services handles O & M PLTGU PT. Asta Keramasan Energy (2x50 MW), O & M Tanjung Jati B power plant unit 3 & 4, O & M Hydroelectric Asahan PT. China's Huadian Power Plant Corporation (2x90MW) and others

RUPS (General meeting of shareholders) PT.PJB Services dated 23 June 2010, has decided the new composition of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors composed of professional individuals, energetic, competent and learners and thrive in this environment of PT. PJB (a subsidiary of PT. PLN Persero).

We are optimistic about the development of the company\'s business will experience a trend with the support of all stakeholders of optimal business. Growth in market O & M is one challenge for us to move forward and meet customer needs. Therefore, as early as possible, we will prepare individuals who are competent and continuous competitive. On the other hand, we have run our business processes in accordance with the rules of the GCG (Good Corporate Governancce) and ensure the quality of all the works in accordance with ISO 9001:2000.
Judging from the statistical company, the company\'s evolution has been rapid and independent. In the early years of its establishment, PJB Services only employs 20 people who were employees of PT. PJB. It can not be denied if the SPA Services is a container for the transfer of knowledge from the PT. PJB. It\'s just that for their application needs a touch different. Which PJB Services core business is in operation and maintenance services without having to have the asset. Until the year 2010, PJB Services has supported 55% of 1000 employees who are aged 26-30 years and 18.5% aged 21-25 years.

Globally, our customers have been scattered island-island state of Indonesia and the Middle East. Business services our company who initially concentrate on generating Maintenance and Operation of business does not play down the plant, will expand its services business to better concentrate on Plant Operation. We continue to expand our business services which include asset management of the generation, procurement, plant discovery and others. We serve all customer needs related to power generation in accordance with our motto "Total Solution for Power Generation".

Now PT PJB Service is opening position for Indonesian people who willing to work hard and willing to be placed throughout the area / project our company's work (especially plant Pacitan) to join the Officer Force Development Program II PT Java-Bali Power Generation Services in accordance with the terms and conditions applicable.

ODP PJB Services Officer Development Program PJB Sevices 2011

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