Monday, June 27, 2011

Beasiswa Djarum Plus 2011 Indonesia

Beasiswa Djarum Plus 2011 Indonesia : We realize that education is one effort to improve the welfare of society and the nation in creating a better future. Therefore, since 1984, Djarum Scholarship Plus has consistently played an active role to promote education and empowerment of students through the cultivation of high achievement, in a variety of soft skills training for Indonesian human form of disciplined, independent and insightful future as well as being a capable leader of the intellectual, emotional and spiritual.

Prospective Plus Scholarship recipients are selected Djarum strictly and must meet the requirements of IQ and EQ so that they have the emotional intelligence in the process of achievement. In addition to tuition assistance, scholarship recipients Djarum Plus (Beswan Djarum) also receive other benefits in the form of soft skills training program, which is the excess of Djarum Scholarship Plus Program, namely by training on the concept of nationalism, character development, leadership, creativity, and several other activities in the fields of social, environmental, educational, and cultural. The goal is nothing that the Beswan Djarum Indonesia could someday be a man of disciplined, independent and insightful as a potential future leader of the nation.

Further quarter of a century past the age of the program is running, more than 7000 university students from 74 State Universities and Private Sector in Indonesia has received Djarum Plus Scholarship. Djarum Foundation, through Djarum Scholarship Program Plus, will continue to be consistent and try to keep the commitment to achieve a future full of noble ideals. A spirit that will never cease to continue to bear the generation achievers.

Djarum Plus Scholarship ProgramDjarum Scholarship Recipients Plus get scholarship funds amounting to Rp 600,000, - per month for 1 year.
In addition to scholarship funds, scholarship recipients Djarum Plus (Beswan Djarum) found supplies a wide range of soft skills, in order to harmonize between academic achievement (hard skills) obtained on campus with various skills to the Beswan Djarum later become capable of human intelligence, emotional and spiritually.

Requirements to become :

  Recipient of Djarum Scholarship Plus
1. General
While taking Education Level S1 (Strata 1) of all disciplines.
Entering the V semester with a minimum GPA of 3:00 in the fourth semester.
Active follow the activities of organizations both within and outside campus.
Do not receive scholarship from other parties.

2. Administration
Fill out the Registration Form Scholarship Djarum Plus, which can be dowload at the link provided below or take on part of Student Affairs at each campus .

Download Registration Form :

Copy of Card IV Semester Study Results.
Copy of certificate of organization activities / active organization certificate.
Letter from Campus does not currently receiving scholarships from other parties
One sheet of photo sizes 4 x 6 cm colored coat alma mater.

3. Selection Test:
Following the psychological test.
Create a short article.

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