Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lowongan Kerja PT Astra Honda Motor

Lowongan Kerja PT Astra Honda Motor : PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) is the pioneer of Indonesia's motorcycle industry. Founded on June 11, 1971 with initial name of PT Federal Motor, whose stock is majority owned by PT Astra International. At that time, PT Federal Motor only assemble, while the components are imported from Japan in CKD (completely knock down).

Now Astra Honda Motor is opening positions for


* Responsible for product marketin
* Create and implement programs marketing / sale
* Fostering a Main Dealer network in terms of product marketing Part (HGP), AHM oil, accessories, & merchandise

* Graduated S1 majoring in Industrial Engineering / Mechanical Engineering / Management
* Age Max 27 years
* Min GPA 2.75
* Know the marketing world
* Knowing the automotive world in general, especially motorcycles
* Able to communicate well (communication skill)
* Mastering the English language wellCONSUMER INSIGHT ANALYST (MKT-MRA)

Job description:
* Conduct market surveys and product surveys of Honda motorcycles, ranging from planning to preparing reports
* Conduct an analysis of survey results that have been made​​, as the foundation to create a marketing strategy

* S1 Statistics / Mathematics
* GPA min 2.75
* Have experience in market research 3 years
* Having high morale, enjoys working in the field & deftly field
* Have an interest in the automotive sector, particularly motor
* Willing to travel out of town


* Create repair and preventive maintenance planning die
* Create a budget controlling section
* Analyze problems and make Pica
* Making improvements to 5 problems facing
* Meeting coordination with other sections (Production, Engineering, PPIC, Procurement & Internal) related to routine work and also improvement (change in design of the die or part)

* Graduated from D3 Engineering
* Age Max 25 Years
* Min GPA 2.75
* Able to read 2D and 3D drawing techniques
* Able to make the repair and preventive maintenance planning
* Able to analyze problems of the die until the root causenya
* Ability to work team work
* Ability to coordinate team
* Able to operate computer (Ms. Office & CAD)

Analyst QT

* Conduct analysis and measurement results of sample testing part, decide the status of OK / NG
* Conduct analysis of the parts which reject / claim
* Coordinate corrective action is part of quality problems

* Graduated from D3 Engineering
* Age Max 25 Years
* GPA min 2.75
* Able to think logically - systematic
* Able to use measuring tools
* Able to read engineering drawings
* Ability to properly analyze

Interested candidates please apply online before June 30 2011 at the link provided below :

Lowongan Kerja IT


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