Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recruitment Bank Mega Seluruh Indonesia 2011

It Start with one family business called PT. Bank Karman ( Karya Mandiri ) that established on 1969 at Surabaya,with further business step on 1992 the board decided to changed corporate name into PT. Mega Bank and carried out to relocate their head office into Jakarta.

Along with the economic development PT. Mega Bank on 1996 being take over by PARA GROUP (PT. Para Global Investindo dan PT. Para Rekan Investama). In order to be well known as a trustworthy public financial service institution, the board decided to change the corporate logo with something that more familiar and easy to remember. And followed by changing the corporate name into PT. Bank Mega on year 2000.

Initial Public Offering and listed being held at either BEJ and BES, for strengthen our asset structure purposes. Thus some of PT. Bank Mega assets will be held by third party, alson changed the corporate name into PT. Bank Mega Tbk.

The time has come while the economic crisist stroke our country, but Bank Mega standing still and raise up as one of the healthiest local bank and keep on growing without any government aids along with other banks such as Citibank, Deutche Bank and HSBC.

With the new corporate motto "Mega Your Destination" Bank Mega performance growing faster and well maintained, also become well known as one of healthiest financial service institution which able to put equaly with several sophisticated banks in Asia Pacifics. Bank Mega Also received many local and overseas award with outstanding financial record either regional and international achivement.

Inorder to create an appropriate performance according to the main motto, PT. Bank Mega held the profesionalism, transparancy, and awareness fundametal atitude with outstanding healthy asset structure, products and updated banking facility. PT. Bank Mega Tbk. network station already reach 182 unit that includes branch office, subsidiary branch office, and Cash office either Priority Banking which spreads all over Indonesia major city.

Along with the development of its business, PT Bank Mega Tbk systematically continue to increase the quantity of human resources by recruiting workers - workers who have been ready for use through a system of recruitment, placement and remuneration of employees who applied and continue - constantly reviewed to obtain optimal results. In addition, Bank Mega also conducts recruitment - to print a cadre of young workers - the managerial cadre through special education with the aim to complement and provide new thinking and spirit.

Increasing the quantity of human resources was also followed by a quality improvement program staff to create organizational effectiveness and improve employee productivity. Relative to the already implemented system of human resource development system for all employees in the company, ranging from career development system, new staff recruitment system, an assessment process to determine staff development plans, training and employee development and employee remuneration and coaching programs employee relations.

Improved quality and employee development plans tailored to the business development of PT Bank Mega Tbk, which is based on the concern that staff development is absolutely necessary to anticipate the development of the business world and a dynamic economy.

To support and meet the business development of Bank Mega, which is in the form of employee compliance plan for opening a new branch, organized a special training program in the form of hard skills courses for all levels of employees in the branch starting from the Branch Manager, Deputy Branch Manager, Customer Service, Teller and Back Office. It is expected that the results of this training, companies get employees who can work to provide excellent service to its customers.

In addition to training that is hard skills soft skills training programs are also conducted to obtain human resources highly competitive programs such as Leadership Development, which has been given to almost all leaders of work units ranging from Head of Branch and Division Leader and Section Leader at the headquarters.

We realize that the success of the organization to achieve its vision and mission depends on the leadership and spirit that was delivered by the leaders of work units as a role model who will lead the organization and the target level of performance expected by stakeholders.

  Mega Management Development Program (MMDP)

The program consist of in class training with comprehensive banking curriculum and a practical internship that will provide you with broad knowledge, skill and unparallel experience of banking management.

Applicants must meet the requirements :
  • Bachelor degree from reputable Universities with 1 year experience or preferably Master degree from International Universities with minimum GPA of 3.25
  • Single, maximum 28 year of age
  • Fluent both in oral and written english
  • Excellent analytical thinking, problem solving and communication skills
  • High-Motivated, Proactive, Adaptable, and Open Minded
  Account Officer Development Program (AODP)
  • Bachelor degree in any major are welcome to apply
  • Maximum Age 28 years
  • Minimum GPA 2.75
  • Willing to be placed as an AO SME in All Branches area of ​​Bank Mega in Indonesia
  • Willing to be a period of education for 2 months and bond department for 2 years, starting after graduation education
Detail Vacancies please download the document below - the vacancies is provided all branches of bank Mega in Indonesia (Bank Mega Pusat, Kanwil Medan, Kanwil Bandung, Kanwil Semarang, Kanwil Surabaya and Kanwil Makassar)

Download Document


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