Thursday, January 28, 2010

Penerimaan Pegawai BUMN PT Surveyor Indonesia 2010

PT Surveyor Indonesia are state-owned enterprises in Indonesia
are moving the field surveys, inspections, and consultations. At first, Surveyor Indonesia which was established in the year 1991 was formed to carry out the task of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to carry out pre-shipment inspection of imports (pre-shipment inspection) in order to facilitate international trade activities. After the end of the assignment in 1997, Surveyor Indonesia and conduct their business activities in diversivikasi field surveys, inspections and consultations.

With the increasing market demands and in accordance with the competencies that are owned, so in order to provide optimal service to its customers, since 2004 Surveyor Indonesia to migrate to become a leading national company in the field of consultancy services (solution provider), which is based on survey and inspection activities . Currently we are opening opportunities for young professionals to join as:

Shipping Surveyor


* S1 Shipping
* Age max 35 years
* Male / Female
* Prioritized galagan industry experience in 1-2 years and the ship is open to fresh graduates
* Know and understand the goods, materials and structures and materials shipping

For those who meet the above requirements may send his CV to:


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