Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lowongan Finance Accounting Vacancy Sriwijaya Air

Lowongan Finance Accounting Vacancy Sriwijaya Air : SRIWIJAYA AIR based on the release of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation Ministry of Transportation is included in Category One for safety requirements. Thus, Sriwijaya Air in the 12 airlines including Air Operator Certificate holders (AOC) under the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) 121 (passengers more than 30 people) who fall into Category One. This proves the performance of Sriwijaya Air is always fully committed to aviation safety factor.

Charter Safety award from the Boeing factory is given to Sriwijaya Air through a series of activities conducted an auditor for several months with the direct conduct inspections. The auditors believe that the Boeing aircraft operated by Sriwijaya Air is considered safe for commercial aviation. Viewed in terms of safety and service, the airline becomes the only airline that is considered to maintain the operational aircraft until clear of the accident. In addition, Sriwijaya Air is also considered to be able to maintain the performance of its management.

Our maintenance works are carried out by experienced aviation engineers, from within and outside of the country, and is facilitated with hangars, special tools and equipments, as well as the support of the engineering department, planning department, and quality control department in order to derive maximum control over the aircraft maintenance.

Our aircraft maintenance standard is at part with the manufacturer's standard, and in full compliance with the rules and regulations of the Indonesian Civil aviation authority - directorate General flight Safety Hence, our customers can rely fully on the safety and comfort of flying with Sriwijaya Air.

Aviation industry applies a strict international standards and can not be negotiated. The training of pilots and technical personnels is a cornerstone of compliance with these standards. Another step is the development of an organization that can compete and still adhere to the principles of aviation. Therefore, a company needs time to develop. Sriwijaya Air suffered the learning curve when it used to be a charter airline.

The result's a mature organization, which collects professionals and hiring external specialists when necessary. One area that requires the presence of external specialists is aircrafts maintenance, Sriwijaya Air presents them.

Mature organization, with professionals, with particular attention to service. To excel in competition, Sriwijaya Air focuses in services more than friendly smiles and delicious meals, it also includes punctuality, speed and accuracy. Our officers are ready to assist passengers while going through mandatory procedural steps to deliver pleasant trip experiences.

Expect a smooth, save and fun flight with Sriwijaya Air.

  Finance Accounting Officer, Work Location: Gading Serpong
* Male/Female, with min. age 21 years
* Minimum Diploma degree (D3) majoring in Accounting or Management with GPA 3.00 (Scale 4.00)
* At least 1 years experience in same position
* Able to make General Ledger, Financial Report, & Tax Report
* Able to use English with Oral & Written
* Able to Operate Microsoft Office (word, excel, power point)
* Able to work individually & in a team
* Good Interpersonal (good performance, hardworker, helpful, friendly, honest)
* Job Location Replace at Gading Serpong

Interested candidates please apply online at the link provided below

Lowongan MINING Engineering


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